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We believe in the power of world-wide web. Our aim is to be part of the internet revolution that has turned the world into a simple, yet sophisticated hub for for almost all solutions. With our services, you can grow your existing or untapped ideas!

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What do we do?

We are an online and offline-based company, providing web-related and data science services and solutions to interested clients.

Intant Developers, identified by our global domain, is a technology company who specialize in web development and data science services. For web services, we provide our clients with SEO (search engine optimization) solutions, web design and development using CMS such as WordPress, frontend design using HTML+CSS and JavaScript and such frameworks. We are great believers in evolution and efficiency, a reason that has seen us embrace Python language as our sole backend development language. Here, we use Django frameworks and splashes of Flask.  Besides the web design and development of our services, we provide reseller web hosting services that come in different plans to suit our clients.

With the advancements seen in Big Data management, we have our other wing that focuses on data science. With the various Python packages and integrations, we are experts in machine learning, predictions, and AI development. If you need data analysis that is accurate and tailored for your business, we offer Power BI services. Our SQL services will see your data managed and structured in your preferred manner. What’s more, we cannot accomplish all this without the legendary Ms. Excel! 

Got an idea that you need to actualize into a product? We are thinkers. Let's brainstorm together!

Do you have a website that needs ranking and converting traffic? Our SEO services are just tailored for you. We can help design that simple WordPress website for blogging. ecommerce, or other purposes you have in mind. If you need a facelift of the frontend appeal of your upcoming or exsiting website, we got you. Do you need a backend system for data, content, customer, and checkout management and integration with APIs? Django can do that! We are Django and Flask experts. We can even host the websites and systems for you. If you are in need of data management, analysis, and solutions, how about you check out data science solutions?


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Our Search Engine Optimization are tailored to meet the different SEO needs of each client. It could be content creation, on-page and off-page optimization, landing pages, etc.

Web Development

We offer web development and design services such as WordPress design and solutions, forentend design, backend development, and reseller web hosting.

Data Science

Data Science

Our data science services target clients with data analysis needs, data structuring and retrieval, and predictions. Python, Power BI, SQL, and Excel are used here.

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Personal touch

We listen, analyze, and evaluate your ideas before offering a recommendation. You get to interact with experts in your target service.

We are experts

Our portfolio speaks for us. We are experts in what we do. We have perfected our skills in each service we offer and kept up with daily changes.

Loved by clients

Check out our reviews! Amazing, aren't they? We believe in value creation. Quality final product is what drives our mission. Be the best of best.

Large service pool

If you haven't noticed, we have chosen to offer services that answer all your needs. We target everyone who is of like mind. A large pool indeed!

Our Happy Clients!

When I needed my financial consultancy and registration website, these guys designed it and what’s more, a great system for managing my customers!


My blog is fully functional and maintained by these great minds. I have everything to thank them for. The blog is well-ranked and working well for Amazon affiliate niche.

Emma Graham

I am a regular buyer of their data analysis and prediction services and they have been consistent. I have never had any troubles with inaccuracies and wring predictions.

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